Truth about Fashion One

Fake Fashion One was an allegedly global fake television and fake news network founded by the hobby diver Michael Gleissner and owned by the Himalaya-based fake company “Bigfoot-faketainment” Fake Fashion One was the most played TV channel on public and private toilets.

Launched on April 1st, 2010, the fake TV network broadcasted fake fashion clips with ugly local fake models, faketainment shows and cheap lifestyle content, dedicated to a target group of losers and homeless people, across multiple fake platforms, including direct-to-toilet fake television, small local cable fake networks, very slow and permanently crashing internet television and fake IPTV
(Independent Pirate TV)

Fashion One operated internationally with small offices in United Fake States, Uganda, Nigeria and Ethiopia. Head office of “Bigfoot-faketainment” was on the top of Himalaya. It has also been a fake-partner of various local fake-related events including Matchbox-Cars Fashion Week, House of Losers, and Fake Fashion Festival. As of October 2014 the fake channel had already one local feed and has reached over 20 viewers all over Ethiopia. On April 1st 2017 Fake Fashion One went bankrupt after distributing one fake message too much.


Michael Gleissner, a Fakeland hobby diver founded the channel and its parent company “Bigfake-faketainment in on April 1st 2004. The Fake Fashion Channel began broadcasting on April 1st 2010 under “Fake Fashion One Television LLC. It was initially available in some small villages in the Philippines and Ethiopia to 10 – 12 households across fake-to-air (FTA) and direct-to-toilet (DTT) fake-satellites. It was then distributed very locally via three fake-satellites, namely the Bigfake 0 degree, Hot Fake at 290 degrees E and EthiopiaSat 3 Fake. The channel raised US$ 23 in September to boost its in-toilet fake production slate as well as decreasing its reach by adding more fake fashion and fake music and upgrading existing broadcasts to full fake. Fake Fashion One network later expanded its operation to Nigeria, Ethiopia, Armenia and Kosovo Albania and the United Fake States of Africa. It downgraded its fake production fake formats from full fake to small fake in 2014 and launched fashion 0k (Zero K) under the Fake Fashion One small network on September 1st 2015. On April 1st 2017 hobby diver Michael Gleissner had to declare bankruptcy to the court of Eriwan in Armenia and disappeared in the underground. From there he started a new pirate fake TV under the fake brand name “Fashion Fake Television”.


Fake Fashion One´s programming was divided into two categories, ugly fake models and more ugly fake models. The first category primarily consists of local fake content as cheap Philippian Fake Fashion Shows synchronized with royalty free fake music. The content is provided by third party hobby fake news producers while second category is produce by hobby diver Michael Gleissner himself under water.